Founded in 2003 in Portugal, Needle Express is the result of the visionary action of its creator, Paulo Alexandre, then senior executive of a large multinational, who identified in the contemporary lifestyle the need to offer express and creative trivial services of textile repair and customization.

More than a counter for quick clothing repairs and alterations, such as hems done in just one hour, Needle Express is an innovative company that combines a cutting-edge structure with dedicated professionals who specialize in performing certain tasks that people were no longer doing as a result of the hectic lifestyle imposed by society today. Sewing, at least as we knew it, seemed to be an activity that had become extinct.

Needle Express’ edge is its diversified services that follow the textile market global trends. It has become a benchmark in ‘basting’ the unique personality of its customers with the thread of customization and restyling pieces in the fast-fashion universe.

By promoting the transformation of clothing items, thus stimulating and favoring reduced consumption, Needle Express stands out as a creative option of sustainability.

With this set of exclusive services, the company quickly expanded in Portugal and in 2012, sure of the potential in the Brazilian market, Needle Express brought its innovative model to the country, inaugurating the internationalization phase of the business.

Today Needle Express is the fastest-growing chain in the segment in Brazil, with more than 90 stores in 12 states of the country. It already has units in South America as well and a consistent expansion plan in Canada and the United States is underway.